PRI 2011: Sportsman Get Pumped Up With Weldon Racing Pumps

Weldon Racing Pump’s Racing Product Manager, Jim Craig was pretty excited to see us stop by their PRI booth. “Got something to show ya,” said Craig, “you’re really gonna like this.”

Craig led us over to the display where their new Sportsman fuel pump was proudly showcased. “This is a really great fuel pump for sportsman racers. It mounts practically anywhere and to anything, provides incredibly dependable constant flow and has features that are not normally found in pumps designed for sportsman racers,” he added.

Craig explained that the mounting holes on the body of the pump were designed to match Barry Grant, Aeromotive, MagnaFuel and Product Engineering pumps, so the pump could be easily mounted where a different pump had been previously, without having to drill new holes or order new plates.

The pump was also built with a Teflon diaphragm, making it compatible with all fuels. Rated to support a 1,200 horsepower racing gas carbureted engine, the pump weighs in at a bantam weight 4.1 pounds. In a sport where every ounce of weight matters, this lightweight pump can really make a difference.

The real highlight is the Teflon lip seal that assures no leaks from the pump element.

Features of the Weldon Racing Pumps’ Sportsman Pump: 

  • Competitively Priced for sportsman racers
  • Multi-position mounting holes
  • Pump elements like rotor, ring, blades / vanes, and motor shaft are crafted from tool steel
  • 1.7 square inch surface area of the bypass diaphragm reduces fuel pressure fluctuations and spikes
  • Ring is designed to enhance flow and minimize the possibility of cavitation
  • Compatible with all types of fuels
  • Tool free pressure adjustment via a large knurled knob
  • Operates on 12 to 16 volts
  • Built in -10 o-ring inlet and outlet port with a -8 o-ring return port
“The real highlights are the Teflon lip seal that assures no leaks from the pump element that we have seen in other brands, add that to the quality and price and this is one of the best values on the market for sportsman racers,” said Craig.
This fuel pump found it’s way on our Christmas list because of the list of features, but the excitement in our friends at Weldon Racing Pumps is definitely worth investigating more in depth.

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