SCT Performance is a company on the move, and nothing was more true than last July when the company relocated to a new location in Sanford, Florida. As a bonus for the PRI trade show visitors, SCT invited everyone to their open house and even provided transportation from the Orlando convention center to their company headquarters, just a short trip down the highway.

SCT Media Relations representative Tim Roi met us at the front door and we wasted no time getting the camera turned on.

SCT Performance employees were on hand to greet everyone as each bus pulled into the parking lot. Stationed strategically in the parking lot were high performance vehicles that were familiar with SCT’s tuning process. Many of them were actual competition vehicles in different forms of autosports.

The main parking lot had several competition vehicles that represented SCT Performance tuning.

Company Media Relations representative Tim Roi welcomed us to the facility and rewarded us with a personal tour of the building. “The new facility really opens a lot of doors to us as far as in house capabilities,” said Roi explaining, “We now have two dyno test cells, one with a Dynojet all wheel drive dyno and another with a Dynojet two wheel drive dyno. We wanted to be a good neighbor so we had the two stations built with soundproof enclosures and air handlers. This gives us the ability to do a lot of our work on-site without having to worry about disturbing the offices around us or even making it difficult on our own office workers.”

The two Dynoject chassis dynos were housed in a set of special soundproof enclosures with air handling capabilities. These were ultra modern test areas that represented top of the line in safe dyno horsepower testing.

The company officially made the move in late July of this year and only took a couple of weeks to hit the ground running on all four wheels.

We made sure that we had room for a modern in-house training classroom as well.

“We’ve really benefited by having room for new sales and marketing offices, a larger warehouse and shipping area and our prime focus, a larger production and assembly area. SCT Performance realizes that training is critical, so we made sure that we had room for a modern in-house training classroom as well,” stated Roi.

As the tour moved through the building, everyone in our group commented on how “modern” and “state-of-the-art the facility” was. We couldn’t help but notice how well the building and facilities were laid out for this type of operation. The classroom is located right off of the dyno test cells where a class can be conducted in the dyno cell area then quickly moved into the classroom environment. The front office and sales department are located near each other where business can be handled expeditiously.

The in-house classroom features a very large screen where actual computer programs can be shown to a large audience of students.

In total, SCT Performance has taken advantage of a move in location to really streamline their business for quick and accurate operations while providing a huge area for training, research and development, manufacturing and assembly, and most importantly, shipping. Taking a clue from SCT Performance, we have already started to copy their office layout for our own operations.