PRI 2011: RAM’s 12-Inch LS HD OEM Replacement Clutches

RAM’s 123-Inch LS HD

Shown here is RAM’s 12-inch OEM replacement Powergrip clutch set with 900 series facings, priced at $523.33.

While RAM Clutches is best known for their involvement in the more high-end Pro Modified, Pro Stock, and similar arenas of drag racing, that doesn’t mean they don’t have their hands in the street/strip market, as well. And all of that technology and know-how all works its way down to the clutches and components that can make your car run better and last longer.

The folks at RAM have shown the late model GM crowd some love here at PRI with one of their newest pieces for the LS family of engines – the LS Heavy Duty 12-Inch replacement clutch and Powergrip set.

Complaints are commonly made about the factory LS clutch in regards to an uneven pedal feel that’s harder at the top and drops off significantly at the bottom of the pedal, high pedal engagement, and the diaphragm “sticking” at higher RPM’s. To alleviate this, RAM has designed this new clutch system with lighter pedal effort and higher clamp load pressure plate that delivers a smooth, consistent pedal feel without over-centering. The LS HD clutch is coupled with a premium organic clutch disc with a helix hub center section, sporting double springs for added durability and holding power. As well, the gear rattle that’s common with the factory clutches is also eliminated.

These new replacement clutches for LS-powered vehicles from RAM deliver increased holding power and durability, thanks to the use of a premium organic clutch disc with a helix center section with double springs.

These clutches from RAM, which measure 12-inches but fit within the confines of the 168-tooth OEM flywheel, are designed for use with RAM’s flat LS flywheel, which is available in either steel or aluminum for LS, LS9, and LSX variants. The bolt pattern is 10mm for use with dowel pins, and torque capacity is rated at 550 ft-lbs. For additional holding power, RAM also offers a Powergrip (up to 650 ft-lbs) and Powergrip HD (750 ft-lbs).

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