PRI 2011: Patriot’s Killer Predator LS And Ford Mod Stage II Heads

The battle between Ford versus Chevrolet rages on, in fact, with increased fervor thanks to the rekindling of the Camaro/Mustang pony wars. With both brands producing stellar entries in the way of advanced and super-potent powerplants, its no wonder that the battle lines have been drawn yet again.

The LS plant is the perfect evolutionary step of decades of small block Chevy performance. The Ford mod motors trace their legacy back to the venerable 427 SOHC mill, but are leaner, lighter and more efficient than the parent plant could ever dream to be. It’s truly a great time to be a muscle car lover! As the competition continues to increase, Patriot Performance has done its part in arming both sides of this battle. The high performance war monger (we mean that in a very nice way!) has released a pair of performance cylinder heads that are sure to only fuel the fire.

First, Patriot’s new Modular 4.6/5.4L 2-valve Stage II and Stage III heads are a quick way to bolt-on 35 to 40 horsepower out of the box. Beginning with factory Blue Oval heads, Patriot CNC ports ’em, 5-angle valve cuts ’em, installs a set of bronze guides, and hand-blends it all, making for a trick set of street/strip heads that flow a hearty 215cfm – well capable of handling nitrous or a power-adder.

  • 46cc combustion chamber
  • 180cc intake/67cc exhaust runner
  • 1.78″/1.45″ intake/exhaust valve (Stage II)
  • 1.84″/1.45″ intake/exhaust valve (Stage III)

Next, Patriot’s Predator LS heads – unlike the Stage II and Stage III heads – started life with a clean sheet of paper. The new-from-scratch heads were derived from CNC-porting factory-cast heads for so long, and learning where all the weak links were. Listening to street and drag racers alike, Patriot developed a LS head with a taller valve cover rail for roller rockers could fit under stock covers, with thicker rocker stands, complete CNC milling, 5-angle valve cutting, and Patriot Gold valve springs. It’s Patriot’s perfect performance street/strip head, and you’re an LS guy looking to turn a few Mustangs into glue, here’s your chance!

  • 205cc intake runner
  • .750″ deck
  • Bronze valve guides, Patriot Gold springs & titanium retainers

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