PRI 2011: Nitrous Express – Next Generation Nitrous Systems

Unfortunately, not all of us have the opportunity to head into Orlando, Florida for the annual Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show. Luckily, though, we were here to give you a full plates worth of all the latest and greatest this show has to offer.

Case in point, Nitrous Express (NX). At NX, the boys take their work seriously and practically live and breath Nitrous Oxide. While some may say that’s a bit crazy, we’re all for it.

As long as they’re producing some of THE baddest nitrous equipment on the market, have at it! To prove their devotion to the gaseous mix, their PRI 2011 booth was full of all new products.

The boys at NX were proud to show off their latest nitrous solenoid. It’s currently the largest solenoid on the market. Yeah, it’s that awesome. These new Lightning 250 Nitrous Solenoids feature a proprietary design that combines a huge 0.250-inch orifice with an extremely low amp draw.

CNC billet aluminum construction weighs half as much as “Trashcan” solenoids and flows 2.5 times as much, too.These Lightning Solenoids can be purchased by themselves or could serve as the perfect upgrade to any NX nitrous system.

Nitrous Express was also pleased to display their full line of LS nitrous plates, accessories, and their new Maximizer 4. The Maximizer 4 nitrous controller operates one or two separate stages of nitrous based on either time, RPM, MPH, throttle percentage or boost pressure.

Whether your engine is naturally aspirated or forced induction, gasoline or diesel, the Maximizer 4 is the first choice.

Features Include:

  • TPS WOT switch protection
  • RPM window switch protection
  • Individual timing retard outputs for both nitrous stages
  • High amp solenoid drivers
  • 120 amps for a single stage
  • Over current and reverse polarity protection
  • Air/fuel ratio compensation and cut off protection



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