Horace Mast of Mast Motorsports has built quite a following in the LS performance world by creating some very potent hardware, and at this year’s PRI show we got a look at some of the very newest dreams carved out of aluminum from his company. You may not be able to immediately tell from the combustion chamber shot above, but there’s something very different about these heads – they’re a splayed-valve design, which allows for better breathing than a conventional inline-valve head.

Still not seeing it? Well, neither does the valvetrain – Mast tells us these Black Label heads accept standard valvegear, meaning that there won’t be any specialized (and expensive) rocker setup necessary. The heads are available in LS3-spec with an 11-degree design for 4.000-4.070 bore engines, or as LS7, 12 degree heads for bigger 4.125-4.200 bores. Both feature 255cc intake runners, 65cc combustion chambers, and a 6-bolt design for maximum head gasket retention.

Something else that definitely caught our attention was Mast’s new Black Label CNC Mozez tunnel ram intake. It’s designed to offer fabricated sheet-metal manifold performance at a far more wallet-friendly price, and it’s available for EFI and carbureted applications. A look inside shows that these manifolds are fully CNC-machined, ported, and hand-finished. Mast tells us that they’re the result of extensive flow bench testing, and the manifold can be had in versions suitable for standard and tall deck blocks.