“Not just another pretty face” is the phrase that comes to mind when considering Lokar’s motorsports line. There’s no doubt that Lokar is one of the premier brands when it comes to building custom street rods and muscle cars, their line of billet and CNC machined accelerator, clutch and brake pedals, window cranks, throttle, transmission and brake linkage and shifters all testify to this.

But often, people forget Lokar Motorsports, a division of the greater company that specializes solely on outright drag racing products.

Much of Lokar Motorsports’ products – like their Anchor-Tight dipsticks, battery disconnects, dial-in boards and safety lights are all NHRA rule-compliant. In fact, a great number of top class competitors have Lokar Motorsports gear on their machines, proving that Lokar *ahem* isn’t just about making your ride another “pretty face.”

We came across the newest addition to the Lokar Motorsports catalog, their 4150 Series Throttle Cable Mounting Brackets and were expectedly impressed. Similar to their other Throttle Bracket and Spring Return kits, the 4150 Series is designed for the namesake carburetor, featuring dual brackets for an assortment of throttle stop styles, and comes with two stainless return springs and dual wound ends.

Additionally, the bracket has an adjustable spring tensioner, and can be used with or without a throttle stop. Available in either red, blue black or what we call “au naturel,” bare aluminum, the bracket kit is drilled for scoop tray studs (which come with the kit) along with all the stainless hardware.