One of the most important parts about making boost, is allowing a way for that additional pressure to escape the intake pipe when the throttle body closes.  Without that ventilation, the boost hits a wall (throttle body blades) and bounces back into the compressor of the turbo, slowing it down and causing unneeded bearing wear.  Also with a turbo system, space can sometimes be tight to fit a blow off valve to vent this off acceleration pressure.

To help combat those tight engine bays, Turbosmart has introduced a redesigned, smaller version of their Race Port blow off valve, called the Vee-Port PRO. Designed for motors up to 300 hp (or 600 hp if you add two) these Vee-Port PRO BOVs were re-designed from the ground up, and are 20% smaller and 33% lighter than its predecessor. Featuring a hard anodized aluminum piston, the new Vee-Port PRO offers high flow capabilities in a lighter, more compact package.

Speaking of Race Port, Turbosmart recently redesigned it by reducing the  size and cutting weight, making it ideal for circuit and drag racing use on large capacity turbo systems creating over 800+ horsepower. The Race Port blow-off valve is a fraction of the size of the superseded model and provides an ideal combination of maximum flow and minimal weight.

Race Port Features:

• Large 50mm piston for massive flow
• Billet aluminium construction
• Silicone Nomex diaphragm
• Quick release V-Band clamp
• Collar design allows for small size and light weight; It is 46% lighter and 25% smaller than old Race Port
• Choice of Blue or Black colors
• 17 in-Hg spring fitted
• Supplied with vacuum fittings, weld flange and V-band assembly