PRI 2011: Liberty Gears Takes Tremec’s TKO 500 To A Whole New Level

No one else enhances a Tremec like we do; there’s no comparison.

With a wealth of championship-winning and record-setting racers utilizing their driveline components, there are few names in the racing transmission business more well respected than Liberty’s High Performance Products. Likewise, Tremec Transmissions produces one of the most popular lines of transmissions for high performance street cars and the drag racing world, and when you combine the quality and performance of these two renowned names, you’re sure to get a piece that’ll not only deliver superior performance, but take some serious abuse.

Here in Orlando, the folks at Liberty are displaying their modified version of Tremec’s popular TKO 500/600, which they’ve gone through and enhanced and synchronized to create an even better mousetrap. Their upgraded package includes bronze shift pads, surface enhancement processed hubs and sliders, internal shift linkage upgrade, Liberty’s exclusive threaded front cluster bearing support (of which Liberty goes above an beyond others on the market to upgrade), carbon fiber blocking rings for second through fourth gears, and a number of other changes that Liberty wisely keeps close to the hip to maintain their edge on the market.

Liberty, well known for its high-end racing transmissions, goes through every component of the Tremec TKO 500 and 600 units, making what is already one of the industry's most durable transmissions just that much stronger.

Said Craig Liberty, “When you send us one of these Tremec transmissions, we go through every component front to back to make it infinitely better. No one else enhances a Tremec like we do; there’s no comparison.”

Tremec also offers a Face Plated TKO 500, along with a likewise upgraded and synchronized TKO 600 and Face Plated TKO 600. Other options including first and fifth gear face plate conversions, cryogenic processing, fifth gear delete, thermal stabilization, and surface enhancement are also available.

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