PRI 2011: Legend’s LGT-700 Monster 5-Speed Manual Gearbox

For nearly a decade there’s been really one name at the top of the heap for bulletproof manual gearboxes. While it’ll remain unnamed in this article, the venerable manual transmission has been adapted for classic hot rods and muscle cars, hot shoe autocross machines and of course, nearly every stinkin’ new muscle and sports car on dealer floors today.

Well, the current champion has one hell of a contender staring it straight in the eyes. Enter Legend Gear & Transmission’s all-new LGT-700. We spotted this over at the Keisler Engineering booth at this year’s PRI and were impressed with manual box – much like the current LS3, LSA and LS9 is the perfect collection of knowledge, experience and know-how from over 60 years of small block Chevrolets – is the perfect marriage of all the different cases, mods and tweaks made to the current “Mr. Popular” manual.

Built within a low-profile and compact thick-wall aluminum alloy main case and bearing mid-plate, the OEM bellhousing is designed to meet nearly every imaginable domestic configuration.

We’re not kidding, here’s the list: small and big block GM, Buick, Olds, Pontiac and Gen 3 LS engines; all generations of Chrysler HEMIs, RB/B big blocks and all A/LA/Magnum small blocks; all Ford small block/modular late models, FE Series big blocks, Cleveland and Windsor engines; oh and other domestic, British, German and Japanese models using adapter bellhousings for good measure.

Inside the box, this 5-speed uses a oversized synchronizer system with high energy absorption carbon Kevlar synchro friction liner material, machined forged steel alloy blocker rings, billet steel synchro struts, a field interchangeable clutch release provision (mechanical or hydraulic), AGMA class 12 CNC helical ground gears, synchromeshed gears (including reverse), precision cast chrome alloy steel shift forks and bronze pads, and provisions for three stock shifter locations.

This beast is the ideal swap for any high-revving manual configuration – be it for the street, road course, drag strip or anywhere else you can flog your ride.

Snug in design, the internals prove that this quiet, durable and diverse manual is truly worth its salt. Knocking out easy shifts at 7,500rpm is a nice feather in its cap too.

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