PRI 2011: Isky EZ-Roll Keyway Loses The Needle Bearings

The less moving parts, the more efficient a machine is a bit of wisdom that has seemed to fallen by the wayside nowadays. Engineers have managed to over-complicate every aspect of our lives – and more importantly, our favorite maker of horsepower, the internal combustion engine.

Unwilling to drink the Kool-Aid, the legacy builders over at Isky Racing Cams have simplified one of the most sensitive components of today’s advanced and high-performance plants, the roller lifter with their EZ-Roll Keyway.

The patent-pending design completely eliminates the traditional needle-roller bearing – and thus the problem needle bearing overload – by replacing the roller bearings with Isky’s “Wide Footprint Low Friction EZ-Roll Bearing.” The brazen sleeve is composed of a unique, friction-free composite material that glides smoothly over the pin.

Spending several months in development at the Isky Spintron research facility – as well as out in the “field,” meaning high-end circle track, marine and drag race engines – the EZ-Roll is an optional replacement for Isky “Red-Zone” tie-bar roller lifters and non-tie-bar lifters alike; and like every roller lifter from Isky, each EZ-Roll roller bearing lifter is fitted in a precision ground polished body.

Each EZ-Roll Keyway lifter is available in either .936″ or 1.061″ bodies with a .850″ bearing, be it in the three levels of performance: the EZ-Roll, EZ-RollX, and EZ-RollMAX.

It’s no secret that Isky Racing Cams is an industry standard, dating back to 1942. While longevity doesn’t always equate quality, Isky’s near-70 years of racing in a myriad of applications is evidence enough that these guys know horsepower, and where to dig up a little more out of your engine!


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