PRI 2011: Get Your Twist With Eagle’s Budget Steel Cranks And Rods

It’s incredibly difficult what to highlight when there’s a metric ton of cool new stuff coming out of Eagle Specialty Products’ booth at this year’s PRI show. Right off the bat we were wowed by their comprehensive Ford Mod Motor selection, offering your choice of 4340 steel H-beam connecting rods or SIR 5140 SAE steel rods, and with chamfered main bearings on all Mod kits.

Additionally, Eagle’s offering of H-beam rods for 8AB flatheads, and selections of H-beam rods for big block 455 Oldsmobile and Pontiac street-strip applications were pretty dang cool too. But what really tickled us was Eagle’s new forged 4140 steel crankshafts.

Designed as an in-between price point performance crank for the enthusiast or racer looking for more strength than a cast crank but who just doesn’t have the budget for a top tier stroker, Eagle’s 4140 SBC and BBC cranks are the ticket!

Forged from SAE 4140 steel, these cranks feature a unique anti-twist forging, namely a multi-stage heat treat process of stress relieving, shot-peening, and surface hardening which works to increase strength and reliability.

Moreover, each crank journal is micropolished to increase strength, requiring the use of chamfered bearings. This 74-pound cast crank is designed for internal balancing, and is capable of handling up to 1000 horsepower.

But if that’s not enough to “churn your crank,” Eagle’s SIR I-beam connecting rods are just what the doctor ordered. Forged from SAE 5140 steel – using 7/16” ARP 8740 capscrew bolts with alignment sleeves – these CNC-sized rods are a great choice for 700hp engines. If you’re looking for solid horsepower from a budget-friendly mill, you’re looking in the right spot.

'What's the matter McFly? Got no stroke?' With Eagle's new SIR I-beam rods, you'll never hear this again.

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