Garrett is one of the biggest names in the industry when it comes to making turbochargers, and while performance turbos are important to them, it really is a small amount of what Garrett builds every day. Performance turbos though is really where a company like Garrett can show that they mean business and can produce an extremely efficient and powerful line.  The Rolex of the Garrett brand are their GTX series of turbos.

While there are traditional GT series turbos with similar specifications built with the same name, the GTX turbos boast an array of upgrades that allow them to be more efficient on the bottom and top of the boost map to better compliment small and large displacement motors. This means Garrett can build a turbo that can be more efficient at making boost throughout the RPM range, which results in more horsepower per pound of boost made.

GTX turbos can see as much as a 10% gain in flow while supporting power levels from 375 to over 2,000 horsepower. These turbos are so diverse that Garrett has seen customers swap from small block to big block combinations and not even need to replace their turbos.

• Forged, fully machined compressor wheel, featuring next generation aerodynamics
• Dual ball bearing, oil and watcher cooled center section
• Free float, non-wastegated turbine housing
• Optional turbine housing with T4 or diesel turbine inlet flange
• Ported shroud compressor housing to increase surge resistance
• Some turbos are solid without turbine housing