PRI 2011: Fully-Strapped With A Mac’s Custom Tie Downs

Towing a vehicle to an event isn’t mandatory but isn’t a terrible idea if you have access to a truck and trailer. It’s not to say something will go wrong, it’s just nice to know you’ll have a way to get the car home just in case something does.

We’ll admit it, as enthusiasts, every now and again our current project car will inevitably get hauled around. With that in mind, sourcing a set of high-quality straps to safely secure the car to the trailer is cheap insurance.

Mac’s Custom Tie Downs create some of the best car-hauling straps around. Mac’s designs everything from custom-like track systems, deck hardware, tie downs, straps, wheel nets and everything in between to assure your investment is hauled safely and securely. Mac’s even designs wraps and straps, specifically for the motorcycle and UTV crowd, too!

Chassis stabilizer bladders are the perfect companion to most any tie-down system. Simply slide the deflated stabilizer under the chassis and inflate it. Inflated, the stabilizer will cushion the harsh effects of trailering.

Mac's is also designing these new totally Stainless ratchets. This means they'll last you the lifetime and won't corrode or discolor over time or through continued use.

How It Works:

Mac’s makes sure to include high-quality design, materials, and workmanship into every strap, track, and product labeled with the Mac’s brand. Mac’s straps offer up superior stitching and offers their 10,000lb. rated strap with 12,000lb. stitching. For example, in 8 inches of strap, Mac’s will design in over 200 stitches, while the competing brand only offers less than 100 stitches in 3 inches.

We cruised their booth this year during the PRI show and found an all-in-one strap kit that included four heavy-duty ratchet straps and four axle housing wraps. What’s more, that was just one kit we found and Mac’s has a ton! All the ratchet ends have spring loaded clips and some kits even come with a sweet duffel bag for storage.




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