PRI 2011: Fuelab Delivers On A Digital Level

Fueling your daily driver, street/strip ride or full-tilt race car is no joke. How many times have you seen a fellow competitor or heard of someone you knew of, who’s motor ran dry, ultimately melting their mill down. If you’re paying attention, then you’d recognize it could of all been avoided had they been fueling their ride with a system that can handle nearly any situation, instantly.

If you aren’t familiar with Fuelab, they produce some of the most cutting-edge fuel systems in the market today. We met up with them during the SEMA 2011 Show, too, and were instantly convinced they were ahead of the curve when it came to the system to own when fuel was in demand.

To give you some background on their products, Fuelab can fuel everything from 700-1,500hp all the way to 1,800hp with no issues.Fuelab’s secret involves utilizing their line of Prodigy fuel pumps. Their pumps use a DC brush less motor system with electronics that control the pump’s operation. The pumps use an input signal to determine the desired operating speed.

By having this feature, pump speed becomes controllable, allowing continuous duty applications for high flow pumps and avoiding a full speed high current draw condition that leads to heat buildup and the potential for vapor lock.

To prove their worth, Fuelab even took home The SEMA Best Engineered New Product for 2012!

To recap, Fuelab electronic fuel pressure regulators remove all the guess work out delivering fuel to your engine. Fuelab’s line of electronic fuel pressure regulators work in concert with the Prodigy line of fuel pumps to reduce heat build up and vapor lock conditions related to street/strip operation.

Prodigy features include:

  • Compatible with gasoline, diesel, methanol, and ethanol.
  • Internal speed control for variable flow operation – no expensive voltage regulators required to vary pump speed.
  • No brushes to wear out or corrode.
  • Compact, lightweight design, less than 3lbs.
  • Superior flow rates at higher pressures

Fuelab also puts the customer first and backs their entire line of products with a two year limited warranty. Products are also 100% inspected and tested before leaving our facility. Each serialized Prodigy pump comes with its own flow performance certifications, giving customers real performance data on their purchase.

Fuelab products work in conjunction with each other to assure your mill is properly fueled, instantly.

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