PRI 2011: Flaming River Turns You On With a Push of A Button

Oh the joys of convenience. Where would be be today without our iPhones, iPads, Garmin GPS’, frozen food sections, heated seats and chilled cup holders? We remember the days of having to get up and walk across the room to change the channel on the television. Heck, we remember having to fiddle with the antenna atop the TV to have the station signal come in clear. How the world has changed.

We stopped by our friends at Flaming River who walked us through their trick push-button ignition system. While the push-button starter is nothing new, it is rather fresh for the classic muscle car and hot rod market, particularly in this advanced form.

With the ability to be mounted on either the column or on the dash, the center console or nearly anywhere you’d like to tuck it away, the milled stainless push-button keyless ignition is as stylish as it is functional.

Operated via a wireless and keyless key fob, the fob not only alerts the system when the driver is near, but allows the owner to remotely ignite the motor and unlock the doors (as the system comes with four door lock actuators). The complete system comes with the following:

  • a docking station for the keyfob
  • an antenna assembly
  • the ignition and RKE fob
  • the ignition push button
  • relay pack
  • control module
  • RKE lock/unlock module
  • four remote door actuators.

If you’re looking to bring your classic hot rod or muscle into the 21st century, there’s likely no better way than to go wireless!

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