PRI 2011: Firestorm Ignition System From Mallory

Within the aftermarket industry, varying manufacturers can make some wild claims about full-functionality when it comes to a complete ignition system. For the most part, much of the functionality is limited and isn’t very interactive. After meeting with the great-minded folks from Prestolite Performance, which includes Mr. Gasket Co., Hays, Accel, Lakewood, and Mallory Ignition into their vast performance family, we were sold on their newest development for the aftermarket; Mallory’s Firestorm Ignition.

Mallory Firestorm Ignition:

  • Power: Fully programmable launch mode
  • Precision: 3D cylinder timing
  • Control: Advance Tuning Technology
  • Features & Benefits:
  • Street Module

Mallory's demo included illustrating some of the various methods for customizing fuel mapping as well as having the ability to view engine dynamics, live.

After just a brief moment of viewing the Mallory demo and speaking with their engineer, we were completely sold. The Mallory Firestorm Ignition System consists of a ton of options, programming and custom tuning to allow you, the user, an all-access pass to everything your speed-happy brain needs. The Mallory Firestorm Ignition is an integrated and intelligent ignition control system that delivers features, control and precision unmatched by any competitor for both street and race applications.

Look for Mallory’s Firestorm Ignition hitting your local dealers early January!

Additional Functions:

• Select 4-6 or 8 cylinders
• Pick From 7 Ignition Type Inputs
• Shift Light/Cam Tach Output
• Malfunction Indicator Lamp
• MAX RPM Rev Limiting
• 2 Step RPM Rev Limit
• 3 Step Rev Limit
• Tachometer Output
• Manifold Absolute Pressure (Monitor and Function)
• MAP input for Boost Timing adjustments (1-5 BAR, w/Custom settings available)
• Idle-spark control (Idle stability enhancement)
• Launch Mode
• Diagnostics – Built in Trouble Codes

Don't forget, Prestolite Performance has an entire line up of other performance goods as well. Their performance family includes many different manufacturers, which consists of clutches, and even Lakewood drag suspension products.



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