PRI 2011: Exclusive Whipple Supercharger System For Ford and GM

Whipple is no stranger to the world of horsepower. After All, they’ve been dealing out full-lace, bolt-on packages for our favorite small-, and big-block combinations for years. Now, however, Whipple is diving head-first into LS power adders in the form of their exclusive driveshaft-style, rear-drive twin-screw supercharger systems.

That’s not all either. With the recent explosion in the mod-motor Ford world, Whipple was proud to introduce their all-new supercharger system for the Ford Raptor, F150, and F250 6.0L configuration.

It's all in the details, and Whipple illustrates that everything from the internals to the exterior receives equal attention.

Yeah, it’s pretty clear Whipple has been serving the industry with some of the latest, cutting-edge technology in the supercharger field for some time now. Owned and operated by Art Whipple, Whipple has been regarded as a true innovator and even enjoyed a successful racing career as crew chief and owner of Top Fuel Funny Cars and Dragsters.

Twin rotor designs are a Whipple trademark.

Whipple has even made a huge impact in the powerboating world as well as the off-road and sand rail industry.

Whether its spinning on the street, in the sand, or flying through the water, if it’s boosting, it’s most likely a Whipple.

Although Whipple’s dual supercharger setup was outstanding, drawing a ton of lookers and jaw-droppers, it was their new Ford twin-screw system – an all-new item for the PRI 2011 Show – that grabbed our attention the most.

This all-new Ford system comes complete from top to bottom, including all of the hardware.

Though some twin-screw designs rely on a rear-drive belt system, Whipple has upgraded to using 4 gears at the rear of the blower. This eliminates slip and creates a bullet-proof package.

Whipple’s new Ford system is a front-feed design with a straight shot to the filter.  Running additional intercooler piping and adding tons of fabrication time is all but eliminated with Whipple’s new system. It’s been outfitted with its own integrated intercooler system.

Adding to the overall benefit of owning the Whipple brand name, Whipple is making these kits entirely complete. That means every bolt, injector, and even Whipple’s own air intake system is included with the package.

As for now this particular system is C.A.R.B. pending. However, Whipple was quick to add an optional 5-year, 100,000 mile warranty to the mix as well. Are you kidding me? That’s almost unheard of!

Whipple didn’t forget the LS crowd either. They, too, can benefit from a complete Whipple supercharging system for LS powerplants consist of a front fed platform capable of producing 1,000hp!

Whipple's LS packages are more than just engine bay gems. These blowers can squeeze out 1,000hp. Whipple's other show stopper was this dual-charger system, which consisted of two blowers, utilizing just one manifold.


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