PRI 2011: Eaton Performance’s Differential Options On Display

We stress to everyone to talk to us, we have the technical expertise, and more importantly we have the different technology to fit your needs.

Whether you race on the strip, oval, or simply just restore cars for a living, having a differential for your application is critical for your success. Not doing your research, and simply assuming you know what you need could cost you serious amounts of horsepower. When we stopped by the folks at Eaton Performancebooth at PRI 2011 they reminded us how crucial choosing the correct differential is.

“Take drag racing as an example, you cant say everybody is just doing the same thing,” says Jeff Saxton of Eaton Performance. “Different series, different vehicles types, different categories, ultimately different needs. We stress to everyone to talk to us, we have the technical expertise, and more importantly we have the different technology to fit your needs.”

While at the show Eaton highlighted to us three different lockers that they offer:

Detroit Locker style differential:

The Detroit Locker maximizes traction by delivering 100% of the torque to both drive wheels. It is engineered to keep both wheels in a constant drive mode, and has the ability to automatically allow wheel speed differentiation when required. Applications are also available for C-Clip style axles. “Detroit Locker is one of the most recognizable names in the industry,” Saxton told us. “We can handle the torque, and horsepower. But still allow the vehicle to manuever in a friendly fashion, so when you have to make the turn at the end of the strip it will be kind to the tires and the driveline.

  • Drop in technology
  • 100% locking differential
  • Legendary traction
  • Ultimate performance can handle significant horsepower and torque, but still allow vehicle to turn and handle
Detroit Truetrac:
The Detroit Truetrac was the first helical gear differential ever introduced into the automotive aftermarket as an Eaton brand. Detroit Truetrac’s helical gear design eliminates the need for wearable parts, resulting in maintenance free traction recognized not only for its toughness, but its smooth and quiet operation as well. “A very popular product that has been around for many years is our true track,” Saxton explained us. “It is very street friendly, and durable but yet is still going to get you hooked up down the strip when you need it.”
  • Smooth operation
  • Performs open until needed
  • Fully automatic limited slip
Posi Limited Slip Differential:

The Eaton Posi LSD prevents wheel slip before it can get started. To do that, carbon disc clutch packs, preloaded by a central spring assembly, are located behind each differential side gear. When torque input increases the clamping load on the clutch packs increases. That causes the chatter-free clutch packs to grab and transfer power to the other wheel.

“Eaton corporation was the original developer of positraction, and to this day we still market our Eaton posi LSD,” continued Saxton. “Which is going to give you the combination of very comfortable “streetability”, as well as off the line traction that your looking for.”

  • Superior rebuildable design
  • Race-bred carbon friction discs
  • Automatic LSD
To see all of Eaton Performance’s differentials make sure you visit their home on the web at

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