PRI 2011: Dynotech Driveshafts Puts Your Power To The Ground

We know what you’re thinking, “Dude, it’s a driveshaft. How great can it be?” That is where you’d be oh so very wrong.

We stopped by Dynotech Driveshafts at this year’s PRI show and got a quick education on the distress an imbalanced driveshaft can cause. Spinning at well over 10,000rpms, an electric motor rattled on their counter, vibrating itself closer and closer to the edge. Why? Because a single screw was fastened into the attached flywheel.

The lesson, make sure your driveshaft is precisely balanced, your your car will be rattling apart like that counter-top display. There’s something to be said for a company that regularly builds components for racers.

We’re not talking about a handful of weekend warriors with enclosed trailers to head out to the track a few times a season, we’re talking professional drivers who can be seen behind the wheel of NASCAR Cup cars, SCCA, NSCA, Baja trucks, WSORR, OSS, door-slammers and Top Fuel racers, SCORE, SBI, and Corvette’s C5.R LeMans team.

But don’t think that Dynotech’s driveshafts are too high tech or over-the-top for your weekend ride or project muscle car. Quite the opposite. The experience and know-how gleaned from years of top tier competition trickles down to the street and only serves to improve your driver’s ride and feel.

With shafts made from drawn-over (seamless) madrel, chrome moly, 6061-T6 aluminum, composite, carbon-fiber wrapped aluminum, aluminum or steel, there’s something for everyone…including offshore race boats!

Since most driveshafts can be shipped out within 72 hours of ordering, you know they deliver!

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