PRI 2011: Dynojet Owners Give Us Opinions On Dynojet’s Chassis Dynos

Deciding whether or not to invest in a chassis dyno can be a tough decision. At the 2011 PRI tradeshow we had the opportunity to speak with a variety of race shops, engine builders, and race teams and get their opinion of Dynojet chassis dynamometers. Established in 1972, Dynojet is widely regarded around the industry as producing top of the line chassis dynos. But what are the owners of these dynos saying?

Dynojet’s latest chassis dyno, 424xLC2

  • Measures up to 2000 hp and 200mph
  • Includes Two Eddy Current Absorbers
  • Remote Software and Brake Control From Driver’s Seat
  • Can be configured for above-ground installation with the use of a four-post lift and all-wheel drive above ground platform assembly or below ground into a pit
“I’ve been with Livernoisfor nine years now, and we’ve been using them as long as I’ve been there,” Said Rick Leblanc. “When a car comes into the shop, we use both dynos to establish a baseline, and then we run it again after the modifications have been made to see just how much of a difference the modifications made.”

But the important thing that a lot of the owners reminded us is the results are only important if you can repeat them. Justin Starkey of VMP tuning explained to us,”We found that the dynojet chassis dyno was an excellent tool of providing repeatable measurements. We could repeat within a few horsepower, and do a variety of different pulls on the dyno.”

Chris Jones of Blow by racing told us how the chassis dyno was well worth the investment, “It’s our best R&D investment we’ve ever made. It was a big investment for the shop, but it’s worth every penny, and it pays for it self time and time again.”

So what are the benefits of owning a chassis dyno?


  • Quick vehicle mounting reduces time spent setting up. Performance problems can be measured, recorded and diagnosed quickly.

Made To Last

  •  Durable, low maintenance instrument.

Trouble Shooting

  • The Dynojet Dynamometer reduces the time it takes to troubleshoot a vehicle. Problems are easily identified. A problem that occurs on the road can be duplicated during a test drive on the dyno.


  • Before and after dyno runs on service or performance work help to establish shop credibility. Dyno graphs of aftermarket products, spark plugs and even oil brands can prove performance and reliability of products.

For more information on the complete line of dynamometers available through Dynojet visit their home on the web at


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