PRI 2011: DynoJet Chassis Dynos at SCT Performance’s Open House

It is no mistake that many times companies will find partners when there goals are the same. We happened to witness the partnership of two like minded companies at SCT’s open house during the PRI Trade Show in Orlando.

DynoJet Research, a privately owned company that has prided itself in manufacturing accurate automotive dynamometers, currently has customers worldwide and partnership with industry leading companies in 56 countries with a total of 5,600 dynamometer installations throughout the world. From OEM manufacturers to race teams and service shops, you are likely to see a DynoJet chassis dyno providing the measuring stick that these companies use for their own products.

SCT Performance is one of those partners with DynoJet Research, using their chassis dynamometers exclusively. SCT Performance’s Media Representative, Tim Roi, explained why SCT uses DynoJet dynamometers, “The number one reason is that they are the industry standard,” he said.

SCT Performance has two separate dyno cells. This one houses the DynoJet two wheel drive chassis dynamometer.

SCT Performance has their bases covered when it comes to chassis dynos. The company has two DynoJet dynos, a two wheel drive and an all wheel drive in separate testing areas. No matter what vehicle rolls into the dyno room, SCT can conduct their testing and move on toward product development or tuning.

We got a chance to see the DynoJet two wheel drive dynamometer in action at SCT Performance's open house.

According to SCT’s dyno operator, Ryan Krummick, the company spends “three or four days a week” in the dyno cell. With that level of use, the dyno the company uses must be able to stand up to the constant use.

The relationship between DynoJet Research and their partner companies around the world seem to be a critical union in which both partners join to help automotive enthusiasts meet the overall goal; getting the most horsepower out of their vehicles.






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