PRI 2011: Diamond Pistons Launches Affordable New Piston Lineup

“Our primary target with these new pistons are the guys that can’t afford expensive custom pistons, because it allows them to have a quality, reliable part at a price point they can attain and not have to stick OEM pistons back into their engine,” said Diamond’s Rob Giebas.

Say you’re part of the younger generation of gearheads and you’re eager to overhaul your present engine or build a brand new short block for added power and durability. You’ve got a little cash burning a hole in your pocket, but not quite enough for a set of high-end custom pistons with all the fixings. Where do you turn and what are your options? Well, Diamond Pistons is on a mission to answer that question now and in the coming months with the launch of an entire new product line focused on cost.

This new lineup, which currently comprises a rather impressive 20 different SKU’s upon launch, is manufactured from a 2618 alloy process with a special strut design and banana groove slots, come fully coated, and best of all, are a died-in-the-wool American-made product.

Intended primarily for street use but certainly capable of the demands of the strip, Giebas shared with us that he’s seen customers make upwards of 1,000-1,100 horsepower on these pistons and they take it like a champ. Diamond is expecting to have as many as 30-35 different pistons for varying applications as the product line grows during 2012.

Diamond currently has 20 different pistons designs available for a number of applications, including BBC, SBC, SBF, Ford Modular, and others.

These affordable new pistons from Diamond don’t carry the full machining that the high-end and more expensive custom pistons feature, but Giebas explained that they’re strikingly similar in terms of design and performance with very little difference between the high-end part.  Although a new launch here at PRI, these parts are currently available and ready to ship.

Among the current offerings:

  • All GM LS configurations (including LSX)
  • Big Block Chevy – flat and domed
  • Ford Modulars – 4.6L and 5.4L
  • New-Age HEMI – 5.7L and 6.1L
  • Small Block Ford
  • Small Block Chevrolet


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