PRI 2011: CV Products For The Racer In All Of Us

CV Products’ booth was stuffed full of every racers dream parts, components, and tools. Trust us, it was standing room only and it was only natural that we gravitated towards their epic line of do-all race parts. This year, CV Products was taking the show by storm. New products included a 5-stage Dirt Late Model Oil Pump Bell Housing Mount & PTO Adapter (Spin Pumps) along with an all-new CV Products Drive Flange.

CV is a one stop shop for the racer in mind

With the new 5-stage pump, mounting solutions for dry-sump applications have all been cured. CV Products’ latest Spin Pump allows for an ingenious solution to all your pumping conditions. CV is also making their newest line of drive flanges available, too. Not stopping there, CV had a full display of all of their latest tools and even their spinnable fuel pumps were there to handle. Check below for more details.

Spin Pump by CV Products features include:

  • Light weight and compact
  • Hard coat anodized 6000 series aluminum allow sections and separator plates for maximum durability
  • Larger -12 SAE inlet ports reduce cavitation and increase pump efficiency
  • Bolt on outlet ports for maximum flow
  • Internal bypass circuit returns oil to the tank through the scavenge stage and not to the pressure inlet, reducing heat and aeration of the system oil
  • Viton main seal and O-rings capable of handling the high temperatures associated with performance racing engines
  • Oversized drive shaft bearings produce a rigid drive system
  • All sections are dowel-pinned for proper alignment. This maintains tip to housing clearances for reduced wear and great efficiency
  • Sealed bypass adjuster allows for leak-free tuning of oil pressure
  • All separator plates use self-lubricating bushings to reduce friction and to improve section to section sealing
  • Shafts are supported by bearings in every section for reduced wear and maximum pumping efficiency
  • Integral scavenge mounting bracket makes pump extremely rigid
  • Front pressure section to reduce torsional deflection

It's easy to see that CV didn't cut any corners with their Drive Flanges.

CV Products Drive Flanges:

  • Available in 5-, 8-bolt pattern, and “Smart” hub
  • Aluminum drive plate with a steel insert that promotes dependability and durability

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