PRI 2011: Cometic Gaskets Seals It Up

Much like a quality set of rods, pistons, and crankshafts, gaskets, too, are just as important. Without a quality set of gaskets sealing up your mill, a potential hazard could be looming ahead. With horsepower figures leaning into the 500-600hp range becoming the norm, assuring that your traditional or late-model engine remains an engine and not a leaky mess is imperative.

Luckily, Cometic gaskets is continuing to drive as the leader in gasket technology. Racers, and even the street/strip-minded, too, can rely on Cometic to keep them going round after round. Or, in many cases, back and forth to the store.

Leaky gaskets are no fun and having to pull the cylinder off to replace them just compounds the issue. With Cometic Gaskets, though, they found an ingenious method for keep all the high cylinder head pressures in the bores with their brand new line of gaskets–the MLx Multi Layer Stopper.

If you aren’t familiar with Cometic’s line of gaskets, it’s nearly endless. There really isn’t any gasket Cometic doesn’t carry or can’t design and build for your custom needs. To be exact, Cometic’s Custom Gasket Department deals with exactly this. Their specialized department can customize any gasket to your exact needs.

The Cometic oil pan gaskets are also reinforced with steel.

Cometic can accommodate virtually any engine configuration from naturally aspirated to the most exotic turbo and nitrous injected engines. Cometic has even expanded their lines to include cylinder head gaskets for many factory or performance diesel applications, too. With diesel engines continuing to produce more and more power, coming up with a line of gaskets, specifically for diesels is a great selling point.

Cometic’s line of top-notch gasket systems include, the MLS Multi Layer Steel, LCE Load Control Embossment, and their newest MLx Multi Layer Stopper. The MLS system utilizes three cross-sectional layers of stainless steel proving an even load across the sealing surface. Cometic’s LCE system requires less clamp load, creating less bore distortion while conforming load distribution across the sealing area.

Finally, their newest, MLx system relies on an integrated stopper layer for combustion chamber sealing and improved clamp load around the cylinder. Of course, the beauty within all of these unique systems is none of them require any sealants or re-torquing necessary.

Upping the ante, Cometic is now producing complete engine gasket kits for nearly any application. This Street pro line incorporates everything such as the cylinder heads, intake, carburetor, water pump, exhaust, and valve cover kits. Cometic is even including the valve stem seals too! It really is that complete.



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