We always love to visit Jack Burns, founder of Burns Stainless, at the PRI trade show, because within his humble 10 by 10 booth we always find all sorts of shiny toys. This year was no exception – his display was full of things both big and small that will make life easier for the exhaust fabricator. The big items this year were the redesigned 2-stage muffler and collector side-pipe muffler, but there were also a lot of smaller odds and ends that show the clear influence of people who actually build things for a living in their design.

Burns' redesigned two-stage muffler uses an absorption first stage with a tunable second stage, and features TIG-welded 304 stainless steel construction.

This collector side pipe muffler is available with a single or two-stage design, and features Burns' signature merge collector.

If you've struggled with stamped V-band flanges, these machined 304 stainless pieces from Burns will make you smile. They're indexed in male/female pairs for positive alignment.

Burns also offers the little stuff that takes the tedium out of fabrication. These oxygen sensor bungs are threaded for standard 18mm Bosch style senders, and are available in three styles - straight cut, radiused to fit on curved tube (since we haven't seen too many square exhaust systems) and flanged to distribute stress and prevent weld cracking in high vibration environments.