PRI 2011: Be Wowed By Weld Racing’s Truck And Trailer Wheels

There are people who just can’t leave well enough alone. We like to think we’re part of that crowd too. So when we see people swapping the rims off their brand-new trucks with a set of far fancier rollers, we don’t blame ’em one bit. In fact, we usually encourage it. We’ve seen pickup trucks so personalized that the modding process isn’t finished with the truck, but carries over to the trailer as well. We think this is cool too (for the most part)…and so does Weld Racing.

Walking around Weld’s booth at this year’s PRI in Orlando, Florida, we discovered that Weld Racing is all about personalizing not only your truck (i.e. your tow vehicle), but also the trailer you’re hauling your favorite toy on too. That is why Weld’s new forged Truck Series is so great. Not only can you personalize your street truck, dually, or tow rig, but you can outfit your trailer to match too.

Much of the flavor and styling you’d see on many of Welds more modern lines (as well as some classics) shows up in the Truck Series. These large 17-through-20-inch wheels are cut from forged aluminum alloys entirely here in the US, and exceed SAE standards for up to 3,500 pounds using a 44-inch wheel. Moreover, these big wheels are available in 8, 6,  and 5-lug patterns. Oh yeah, and Weld is offering ten of their truck and trailer styles in either polished or black anodized finishes.

The duallys get the same TLC while exceeding SAW standards for up to 3,500 pounds while using a 37-inch tire. And like the above rims, Weld’s got 10 different patterns in your choice of polished or Black Anodized, with trailer rims designed to match. The trailer rims are forged as a single piece and CNC machined and are build to handle the extreme loads found on multiple axle trailers.

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