There’s an old saying we just made up: “A car that won’t start will cost you a race, but a car that won’t stop will cost you your life.” With the rise of heavier, more street-oriented drag cars, and the fact that they’re getting quicker and quicker, traditional “race” brake systems have been stretched to their limit and beyond. That’s where Baer Brake Systems has really come through, with their SS4+ setup designed for the fast, heavy cars that have soared in popularity lately.

Baer’s calipers are DOT-compliant, with stainless pistons that transfer less heat than aluminum, deep bores incorporating road-worthy dust seals, and square shoulder seals for minimum drag and maximum retraction with no need for residual pressure valves.

In addition to a direct, no-adapter fit to the factory style spindle for many popular cars, road-spec SS4+ kits feature application-specific hardware and hoses as well as a street-friendly pad compound.

Baer's dual rear kit shares the same mounting bracket with the single caliper version, so upgrading to a staging brake setup later is easy and less expensive.

Racers with TRZ Motorsports front spindles can now get a Baer setup designed as a direct bolt-on.

Street users can also specify rear SS4 systems with an integrated parking brake inside the rotor, and Baer’s patent-pending VeriSlide technology that expands available applications to include OE C-clip axles like the Ford 8.8 and GM 10 and 12 bolt.