PRI 2011: Auto Meter’s Next-Gen DL Playback Tachometers


They’re the closest thing a guy is going to get to a data acquisition system without actually buying one.

Today’s competition gauges certainly aren’t the gauges your grandfather had in his car or even that which your father mounted in his muscle cars, with a plethora of technology built in that’s made the classic-looking dash or pillar mount gauge a computer in and of itself.

Here at PRI, Auto Meter has a number of new products on display that have garnered plenty of attention from attendees, and one of those is their new, next generation DL Playback Tachometers, which introduce the iconic brand’s latest and greatest in playback tech technology.

These new gauges offer engine and driveshaft RPM monitoring, pressure sensor, wideband air/fuel ratio have an internal three-axis G-meter. These feature Data Logger functionality, with enough memory to store six runs worth of data, 2-3 minutes of recording time, and offer the ease of a USB download to your laptop for viewing via the supplied DataPro software, or right on the digital readout on the face of the gauge. On the pressure side, they offer ranges of 15, 30, 60, 100, 200, 300, and 1600 psi.

Auto Meter's new DL Playback Tachometer has storage for six runs worth of data and can record for 2-3 minutes, offering playback of logged data via the digial readout on the face of the gauge or through a USB connection to the supplied DataPro software on your laptop.

Auto Meter’s target for these new gauges has been keeping the costs as low as possible while maintaining a number of playback and data logging features. These are expected to be a big hit with the drag racing market.

Said Auto Meter’s Joseph Mills, ” These tachometers are very affordable; essentially the poor man’s data logger. They’re the closest thing a guy is going to get to a data acquisition system without actually buying one.”

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