The 6 gallon fuel cell above features Aeromotive's A1000 pump, but will soon be optioned with a cost-saving 340 Stealth.

Aeromotive, one of the leading fuel system brands, is well known for their Stealth fuel cell systems that come with an integrated A1000 or Eliminator pump, with the capability of supporting well over 2,000 hp, depending on induction type. Now to help cut the costs of their fuel cells for people that don’t need a pump that can handle 1000 hp+, Aeromotive will begin to option the cells with a 340 Stealth pump as well.

The 340 Stealth pump should support 500-600 hp, depending on induction type.  Compared to other popular aftermarket pumps, at 40 psi the 340 boasts more than 340 lph- that’s over 30% more flow that conventional in tank-type pumps.  While Aeromotive doesn’t have pricing for this new tank yet, we are suspecting around a $200 retail price drop when just comparing the cost of the Stealth 340 to an A1000.

Offered in 6-20 gallon applications, also include a pre-pump filter built right into the fuel cell. Aeromotive’s innovative integral baffling system maintains a column of fuel at the pickup point, eliminating fuel slosh issues making these cells perfect for any application.

Simply strap the cell in, hook up your feed and return lines and your done. Now you have a complete “in tank” fuel system without the need for expensive custom tanks or the hassle of welding sump boxes or modifying inadequate pick up tubes.  The 15 and 20 gallon options even include a fuel level sending unit, though the 6 gallon does not.