Rocker arms are still the bearers of big horsepower for many performance engine builds. The right rocker arm not only makes more horsepower, but can improve how well your engine performs at high RPMs.

Yella Terra has been producing rocker arms in Australia for over 30 years, and at PRI they brought their full line of Ultra-lite rocker arms for LS engines including the LS1/LS2, LS3/ L92, and the LS7 engine. Like many of Yella Terra’s rocker arms, these are made from high-strength aluminum that reduces deflection and noise weight. In fact, Ultra-lite rocker arms have 50% less noise weight than other shaft roller rockers. This in turn reduces reciprocating weight, and the roller tips make for a smoother ride and thus less friction. All of this frees up otherwise occupied horsepower.

These rocker arms will fit under standard rocker arm covers without any other machining, and can handle the heavy loads of high-rpm revving. These Ultra-lite rocker arms for LS engines come in 1.7 and 1.8 ratios and these precision-machined devices will deliver the goods for your modern GM engine.

  • Ultra-lite rockers for LS1/LS2, LS3/L92, and LS7 engines
  • 50% less noise weight than comparable rocker arms
  • Precision machined to fit under standard valve covers