From 1968 all the way through to 1996, General Motors used the same single-piston floating brake caliper on a bunch of different cars. While GM certainly got their money’s worth out of that original design, it has a lot of problems with rust, bore pitting, and seal failures. With so many cars out there using the same design, Wilwood found the perfect opportunity to create an affordable upgraded caliper that’s lighter, more durable, and stops better.

The D52 is a direct bolt-in replacement for the factory calipers, and is constructed with a forged billet aluminum body, stainless steel pistons, and competition-style high temperature seals to avoid all the problems inherent in the factory design, while still being compatible with factory-spec rotors. The D52 caliper will even take OEM pads, though Wilwood of course carries a whole range of different compounds for both street and track use, including their PolyMatrix series.

The calipers are available in silver, black, or red powder coat, and dual bleeder screws with a central hydraulic port compatible with the OE 7/16-20 banjo bolt brake line make the D52 a universal design that can be used on either side of the car. They also come with hardened slide pins to prevent galling and uneven pad wear.