America’s best-known name in racing tires, Goodyear, is renewing their commitment to drag racing at all levels from sportsman to Top Fuel, and a couple of good examples are their Eagle Dragway Radials specially commissioned for use with the Cobra Jet Mustang and Drag Pak Challenger in Super Stock racing.

The D4450 is a radial 30.0 x 9.0 – 15 tire, with Goodyear’s D8 compound and a 93.o-inch rollout. It also carries unique Cobra Jet sidewall graphics. The D4451 also shares the same vital statistics as the 4451, but with a slightly longer 94.0-inch rollout. It’s also graphically unique in the fact that it’s the first Goodyear Eagle in a very long time to have white lettering instead of gold. Both tires are part of an extensive line of bias ply and radial drag slicks and DOT radial tires designed for performance, longevity, and affordability.