When it comes to running pistons in your engine, sometimes a forged slug is out of the price range.  Even in some claimer classes, an engine needs to be built on a budget as well in fear of loosing it.  Speed-Pro gives you a lot of the advantages of a forged piston in a hypereutectic package.

Some of those advantages include piston and pins that are weight matched to a maximum of +/- two gram variation.  The pistons are made from a 425 aluminum alloy with a proprietary heat treat process, featuring a fully machined bowl and valve reliefs.  The thermal characteristics allow for tighter wall clearances while custom Thermal Arching Compensation ring groove geometries maintains optimal ring face-to-bore alignment for increased power, and reduced oil consumption.

• Standard skirt coating reduces friction while increasing wear resistance
• Fully machined bowl and valve reliefs
• Weight matched to +/- two grams
• Same material found in late-model Camaro and Corvette pistons