LS engines are finding their way into all sorts of different places – street rods, sand rails, even Fieros and Porsche 996’s. Though the creativity of swappers is endless, the less fabrication required, the better. Spectre has just introduced a couple new part numbers that will be real problem-solvers for LS swaps where space in front of the engine for intake plumbing is at a premium.

Their new ProFab MAF sensor kits replace the boot-style MAF common to the LS series with a blade-type sensor, saving 2-3 inches of room ahead of the throttle body. But the space-saving factor isn’t the only benefit; Spectre says that when placed in a 4-inch diameter tube, these kits will flow up to 25% more air than stock boot-style MAFS. Spectre also claims that the blade style design is more robust and less prone to flow sensitivities than the boot type. The kits are available in 3- and 5-wire flavors, and include a rectangular bung that can be welded in just about anywhere on the intake tube ahead of the throttle body.

Though they’re not (yet) part of the regular catalog, Spectre also had a couple of other interesting pieces of LS hardware on display including the fabricated intake manifold and “over the top” intake tube shown here.