Universal Technical Institute has been around for 45 years and is one of the leading automotive schools.  Not only does UTI teach classes on collision repair, motorcycle mechanics, and marine, they also have a full performance division that even includes a NASCAR technical institute. In that 45 years, they have helped over 130,000 technicians find jobs in their graduated industry.

SCT Flash, one of the leading companies in late-model tuning, has stepped up to partner with UTI.  Computers in vehicles are here to stay, and for many it can be part of their trade.  SCT sponsors classes at UTI that train students on how late-model vehicle computers work, as well as how to tune them.

Doug Van Den Brink, a drifter in the professional Formula Drift series also uses SCT tuning in his turbocharged New Edge Mustang.  Having a smooth throttle response on demand is critical when drifting and that is exactly what Doug has relied on for the last four years of drifting.

Mike Murillo has been backed by SCT Flash for the last two years.  Murillo’s first NMRA championship came in 2002, at the wheel of his infamous Super Street Outlaw ride, the “Star Car.” It was this car and it’s single-turbocharged power plant that carried Murillo to his championship in 2002, but not without the inevitable struggle that comes along with heads-up drag racing. Murillo continues to dominate in racing by finishing runner up in the 2010 NMRA Pro Outlaw 10.5 points.

Murillo uses SCT in their tow vehicle to gain gas mileage and horsepower.  They also use it in their shop on customer’s vehicles on tuning everything from bolt-ons to fully built combinations.