A turbocharger is only so effective if it is blowing hot air into the engine. That is where intercoolers come in. By cooling the air before it enters the engine, the air becomes more condensed, meaning more air and thus, more fuel, can be fed to the motor. The result is naturally more horsepower.

The trick to intercoolers is getting the air as cold as possible. Using a unique integrated coil system and tube fin design, S-Max intercoolers can deliver a 10-17 horsepower gain for your forced induction engine.

The integrated coil design is unique to S-Max, using a cooling agent like CO2 to cool the intercooler from the inside. This is much more effective than simply spraying CO2 on the outside of the intercooler core like so many other systems do. The result is increased cooling and thus, increased horsepower.

That’s not the only improvement though. S-Max intercoolers use a tube fin setup on their intercoolers designed to cause turbulence on the intercooler. This causes more wind to wash over the intercooler, having an even greater cooling effect. All in all it is a very clever system with proven power gains. So if you’re looking to cool your engine down, S-Max just might be the way to go.

  • Integrated coil design cools the intercooler from the inside
  • Tube fin design causes air turbulence, causing more air to flow over the intercooler
  • Power gains range from 10-17 horsepower