The factory LS7 engine set a new high point for naturally-aspirated LS performance, but even so, there’s room to make a good thing better if you know what you’re doing. Racing Head Service certainly knows exactly how to take a good design intended for mass production and turned it into something extraordinary for the select few who can appreciate it.

RHS wasn’t afraid to take on the challenge of creating something better than the stock LS7 head. Their new Pro Elite aluminum cylinder head starts with a valve angle rolled to 12 degrees for a straighter shot into the cylinders for incoming air and fuel, and adds intake ports raised .220″ for the same purpose. To keep things compatible with regular intake manifold designs, RHS added thickness in the intake port surface to bring everything into alignment – part of the 291cc intake port volume is the result of this added height, so don’t let that number confuse you. The runner cross section has been optimized for the best possible flow and velocity.

A .750-thick deck and a 6-bolt design help maintain the integrity of the seal on the 69cc combustion chambers, and 93cc exhaust ports raised .100″ are compatible with pretty much all factory and aftermarket manifolds and headers. Up top, the .400″ raised rail allows the use of aftermarket rockers, and an improved water jacket design keeps cylinder head temperatures (and the detonation localized overheating can cause) in check.