For NHRA and IHRA vehicles running nitrous oxide, it is required to have a shut off valve inside the car once you get over a certain ET.  A lot of people were building make-shift shut off valves that could not handle the 1000+ psi of pressure that normal nitrous kits flow.

Nitrous Express has built their version of the ball valve.  The valve is made from billet aluminum and comes with – 4 AN to – 8 AN fittings and the option for female or male inlets.  It also features a half-inch orifice and a direct flow, straight through design, which is capable of flowing enough nitrous to accommodate 2,000-horsepower. The valve features a 1/8″ NPT port for a nitrous pressure gauge or a nitrous pressure sensor.

• – 4 AN to – 8 AN with male or female fittings
• Half-inch orifice flows enough nitrous to accommodate 2,000-horsepower
• 1/8″ NPT port for a nitrous pressure gauge or a nitrous pressure sensor

Also new for Nitrous Express is their new fuel system line.  This includes a wide variety of pumps and regulators for both high pressure EFI and low pressure carbureted systems.  A standard two port carbureted regulator is currently available with a boost reference high pressure version to be released soon.  The current inline fuel pumps will have 500, 750, and 1000-horsepower configurations.