PRI 2010 – New LS3/L92 Heads from Trick Flow Specialties

There are some people out there who say that the factory LS3 heads just don’t have enough room left in them for improvement to make an aftermarket head worth doing. Those people don’t work at Trick Flow Specialties, a company that’s made their reputation by doing things that the conventional wisdom said couldn’t be done. Their Twisted Wedge design revolutionized the small block Ford market, and they even took on the Modular engine family despite the expense and effort involved in creating overhead cam heads. It’s that same kind of innovative thinking that led them to take on the challenge of producing the next step in LS3/L92 head evolution.

TFS’ new L92/LS3 heads feature a 6-bolt design for compatibility with the high-end blocks now available, offering improved clamping force for better sealing under boost. They’ve got 69cc chambers, and a 255cc intake port volume with 2.100-inch intake and 1.600-inch exhaust valves. 1.300-inch dual springs are standard, and the heads are set up to take LS7-style rocker arms. The valve angle is 12 degrees, but the heads are set up to work with the standard LS3/L92 intake manifold layout. Minimum bore size is 4 inches.

Flow Numbers (Lift – Intake CFM – Exhaust CFM)

  • .100 72 62
  • .200 159 117
  • .300 234 179
  • .400 292 224
  • .500 333 240
  • .600 357 252

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