Oil is the lifeblood of an engine, and without it, nasty things can happen to all of those expensive racing parts. A dry sump oil pump is an effective way to ensure that your engine has a steady diet of liquid lubrication.

Moroso Performance Products, a pioneer in dry sump technology, has just introduced its new Tri-Lobe dry sump oil pump at the 2010 PRI Show. This new design is set up much like a roots-style blower system, with a three-pronged lobe sucking the oil in and squeezing it out. This means you don’t need an internal oil pump, allowing a windage tray to run the full length of the oil pan.

This is one of those rare products that’s also a two-fer. Not only does it replace your current oiling system, but the Tri-Lobe dry sump oil pump produces 22-inches of vacuum, eliminating the need for an external vacuum tank. This clever design saves you the weight and hassle of adding on an external vacuum tank, as it produces enough vacuum for most applications.

  • Tri-Lobe dry sump oil pump eliminates needs for internal oiling system
  • Setup much like a roots supercharger
  • Also produces about 22 inches of vacuum from dry sump oil pump