In high horsepower racing applications, being able to deliver the necessary amount of fuel quickly and efficiently is everything. Racing engines like to bed fed, and if they miss a meal, they’re not happy. MagnaFuel’s product line features virtually everything one would need for their racing fuel system of the fuel injected and carbureted variety, with regulators, pumps, filters, gauges, fittings, and other related components.

As well as stand-alone components, MagnaFuel also wraps them all up into complete kits which is exactly what they have on hand here at PRI with a new kit in the lineup intended for boosted, blow-through carburetor combinations.

This specific kit includes a Bypass Carburetor Regulator, a Continuous Duty 750 Pump (rated for and capable of up to 1,500 horsepower), both the pre and post filters, all of the necessary fittings, and a relay harness for easy installation.

Magnafuel is targeting the high horsepower street car market with these kits, although they are suited for use in race cars as well.

  • Continuous Duty 750 pump rated for 1,500 horsepower
  • Targeted at the high horsepower street car market
  • Comes with fittings, relay harness, pre and post pumps, and carburetor regulator