Sometimes, it can be hard to imagine how famous hot rodders managed to accomplish all they did without the modern conveniences that many of us take for granted. Even something as simple as an engine hoist makes a world of difference when it comes to safety and ease of install.

Taking engine installation to the next step, Mac’s Tie Downs, a dominant force in the automotive strap department, has introduced their Pivot Plate. This deceptively simple device allows for the exact alignment of both the engine and transmission when hooked up to an engine hoist.

The Pivot Plate attaches directly to the intake manifold of a carbureted car and features bolt patterns for all two or four-barrel carburetors. The Pivot Plate allows one person to align an engine and transmission combo weighing up to 1,200 pounds with just a few turns of a socket wrench. No more fighting to steady a swaying engine or wrestling it into position, the pivot point is sturdy and holds the engine in place, no chains needed.

For EFI applications, adapters are available for a variety of engines, from the Ford 5.0 and 4.6 to GM 502’s and inline six-cylinder engines. A handy tool for the gearhead looking to make their next engine install a whole lot easier.

  • Allows one person to align an engine with ease
  • Holds up to 1,200 pounds of engine and transmission
  • Multiple adapters for a variety of engines available