Connecting rods are important – ask anyone who’s broken one! But there’s no one-size-fits all solution for all builds, and Lunati recognizes that with their selection of I- and H-beam rods for small block Ford, small and big block Chevy, and Chevy LS applications. For situations where you need the absolute best they have to offer, Lunati’s fully machined I-beam rods are the ticket.

Made from the highest quality 4340 alloy steel, before any machine work begins they’re checked via sonic and magnaflux testing for imperfections, then held to some of the tightest tolerances in the industry:

  • Center to Center Distance: +/- 0.0001
  • Bend and Twist: +/- 0.001 over 2.000″
  • Rod Width: +/- 0.002
  • Large End Bore: +/- 0.0002
  • Small End Bore: +/- 0.0002
  • Bearing Tang Location: +/- 0.0025

For budget-conscious builds, Lunati’s H-beam rods are machined to the same tolerances; they don’t know how to make a rod to any lesser standard, which is good news for racers and street enthusiasts looking for affordable rods without sacrificing quality. H- and I- beam rods from Lunati all come with premium ARP hardware for strength and durability.