Livernois Motorsports 306ci Ford 5.0 long block

The 2011 Mustang 5.0 engine hasn’t been anything less than a complete success.  The 412 HP rated by Ford is under rated, as most engines have been putting down about 360 RWHP stock.  And like any good factory engine comes the crate engines, so that others can replicate the proven power potential of the 5.0.

Livernois Motorsports has released their 308 short block that features a stock bore with stroker crank combination.  The motor can be configured with boosted, low compression pistons or high compression pistons.  The rotating assembly comes with Manley/Livernois H-Beam rods plus ARP 2000 bolts, Diamond pistons with dome and skirt coatings, and a custom steel stroker Livernois crank.  The cylinder heads have been massaged with a full CNC intake and exhaust port job.  Also it gets a valve job, though the stage one porting still retains all the factory valvetrain components.  But of course, if you want to buy any of these components separately, Livernois does that as well.

High spring pressures, an aggressive cam design, and high RPM all wreak havoc on an engine’s valvetrain.  Keeping rockers in place, without broken stands, will keep performance at its maximum and expensive engine parts from being damaged. Livernois has released a billet 6061-T6 aluminum rocker stand for LS cathedral port heads.  The thicker, reinforced cross section helps prevent flexing.  It also comes with upgraded ARP hardware to further improve stability.