Left to right: HP bearing, XP bearing, and Gold Performance bearing

Engine bearings are the unsung hero of performance engine builds. They are absolutely necessary to a properly functioning motor vehicle, and yet often they are overlooked regardless of application.

King Engine Bearings knows better too, and this year they have introduced a new tri-metal bearing called the XP, joining their already popular line of HP bearings.

While the HP bearings use a traditional bi-metal building comprised of high strength steel and silicon, the XP bearings use a tri-metal that includes nickel barrier and high performance Babbit overlay. The XP bearings have a load capacity of 10,000 psi compared to the HP’s 8,000 psi. The HP bearings are designed for high loads during a short duration, such as drag racing. The XP bearings are more for high, extended duration racing such as circle track racing.

King Engine Bearings also brought another new bearing to PRI 2010, their new Gold Performance bearings. While not on sale quite yet, these bearings have a load capacity of 18,000 psi and a melting temperature of 540 degrees F (compared to 450 for the HP and 350 for the softer XP). These gold bearings have a high-strength steel backing with a copper-lead intermediate with a hardening element and a third level of a proprietary particulate metal matrix composite overlay. These are some very serious bearings for very serious racers.

  • HP bearings for short duration, high load races like drag racing
  • XP bearings for long duration, high load racing
  • Gold Performance bearings for extreme-duty racing (not yet available to the public)