PRI 2010: Harrop’s “Hurricane” Throttle Plate Intake Manifold

If you’ve got an engine and you’re looking for big power gains, often times the only place to turn is forced induction, such as a turbo or supercharger. But what if you’re a fan of natural aspiration, or don’t want to deal with the excessive heat output or whine of forced induction? You’ve got to admit, there is something special about a throaty, naturally aspirated V8 engine.

Harrop Performance out of Australia has developed what they call the “Hurricane,”, which has eight individual throttle bodies for each cylinder, rather than just one throttle body feeding all eight cylinders. Developed for LS1, LS2, and LS6 engines initially, the second generation Hurricane now fits more modern powerplants like the LS3 and LS6. This superbly crafted intake manifold utilizes all the standard fittings from an LS-engine. On an otherwise stock engine, this manifold can increase horsepower anywhere from 20% to 30%, rivaling many power adders in terms of horsepower gains.

Then there is the unique look and functionality of watching this intake in action, seeing each throttle open individually. It’s a sharp piece without a doubt, and if you’re looking for something other than a power adder, you might want to check Harrop’s intake out.

  • Adds a unique look under the hood of your LS-powered car
  • Deep, throaty throttle body sound
  • Increases power by as much as 30% over stock intake

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