PRI 2010: GZ Motorsports’ New Super Pro Vacuum Pumps

GZ Motorsports has released their all-new VP104 Super Pro Vacuum Pump, engineered for the hot and oily conditions found in race car crankcases for even the most high horsepower race cars. In fact, Mike Janis replaced a twin-pump setup in his supercharged NHRA Pro Modified car with a single VP104 pump.

Constructed from a new die-casting, these pumps feature a completely different design than other pumps on the market that use rotor vanes that create unnecessary drag and tend to gather “junk” from the crankcase breather and eventually stick, forcing you to spray brake cleaner inside to release the vanes or take it apart and clean it out to maintain functionality. The Super Pro pump however, uses Rulon Wipers material that can suck in and spit out anything but metal, all while flowing an additional 22% more air than similar sized pumps. This means less maintenance and less friction. Other updates to this pump include improved and stronger port locations and rebuildable bearing sections.

And for those of you looking for a vacuum pump on your street car, you’ll be pleased to know the Super Pro pump has a markedly quieter overall operation, taming down the “clicks” commonly heard as the pump rotates, making your drive more peaceful and stealthy to others. According to John Heard with GZ Motorsports, this vacuum pump simply “loves having oil in it.”

  • Constructed from a new die-casting available only from GZ Motorsports
  • Uses Rulon Wipers material that can suck in and spit out anything but metal
  • Markedly quieter overall operation, taming down the “clicks” heard as the pump rotates
  • Flows 22% more air than similar sized pumps

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