Give Granatelli Motorsports a block of billet aluminum, and you never know what you’ll end up with. If it’s a modestly-sized one, they might turn it into one of their new Billet Modular Fluid Management System components. Whether you’re looking to put together a PCV catch can, power steering reservoir, or radiator overflow, GMS has the components to do it, in a limitless variety of capacities and configurations. Single, dual, and triple mounting brackets are also available, and the components can be had in polished or black anodized finishes. These aren’t just plain reservoirs, either – internal filters and directional baffles improve air/oil separation, and a range of barbed, AN, and petcock drain fittings are available.

If you hand them a particularly big block of aluminum (say, 145 pounds or so) you could end up with one of their billet valve covers, which they’re making in configurations for just about any engine you can think of, from 4-valve Ford Modular motors to the good old small-block Chevy, and all points in between.

One particularly interesting variation on this theme is their LS7 valve cover with integrated oil squirters; circle track racers are taking to this engine in a big way, but valvetrain cooling and lubrication can be an issue. With the new GMS valve covers, an external AN fitting delivers pressurized oil to internal passages in the cover rail, and from there individual squirters direct it at the rockers. It’s an ingenious solution to a difficult problem, and the fact that the covers are drop-dead gorgeous is just an added benefit.