When playing with a high-horsepower car, you need to feed that engine a lot of fuel, at least when you stomp on the throttle. But what if you want to take that same car on a leisurely drive through town? Your car is going to be getting a lot more fuel than it needs, and that’s no good either.

Fuelab has developed a new fuel pressure regulator that will adjust the flow of fuel for you, depending on how much throttle you give it. The regulator works by measuring the volume of fuel running through the return line, back to the fuel tank. If there is an excess of fuel going back to the tank, the regulator will lower the pump speed, lowering how much fuel is sent to the engine.

On the other hand, if very little fuel is coming through the return line, than that means the regulator needs to send more fuel to the engine. It is a very simple, yet effective method of regulating your fuel needs, and allowing you to run a high-horsepower engine on the street without fear of flooding it.

  • Fuel pressure regulator from Fuelab
  • Uses the fuel return line to determine how much fuel the engine needs
  • Raises or lowers the fuel pump speed based on how much throttle you use